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Mar 17, 2014

Anthony sweetheart, I’m sorry for everything I have put you through during these last couple of months. I have been a terrible girlfriend to you. And you deserve the best. That is why for now on I’m going to try to be the best girlfriend you’ve ever had and try to make you the happiest I can. I did some messed up stuff during these last couple of months as you know and I swear on everything that those words will never come out of my mouth again, I will never threaten about anything as serious as that, I shouldn’t have in the first place and I know that now. I love you I really do and I want to be with you forever. Were so close to being together almost down to less than a year. It’ll get way better once we are together because I know it’s so freaking hard for us both right now. Your a wonderful person and you deserve nothing but the best in life, you’ve been through a lot of crap that you didn’t deserve at all. I want to marry you and have a cute little family with you one day and I know you feel the same cause you used to talk about it all the time and that always make you so happy and you’d get all excited and cute. I know I’m just rambling now but seriously when I’m talking to you is when I’m seriously the happiest. You bring happiness into my life when we are good, you make me feel so loved and I hope it’s the same for you. I love you sweetie so much. Your the love of my life.

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Hello lovely people ♡ (Read below for a surprise!)


So, I really want to be more active with all of you because you all make me happy. 
I don’t know, but I want to do an unlimited overnight promo for you guys.

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Side by side (per the request of a follower :)
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Side by side (per the request of a follower :)

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